BLU Studio X Review (Android Phone)

BLU Studio X Review (Android Phone) BLU Studio X Review (Android Phone)
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What Can A DJ Teach Me About Selling Online?

A world famous DJ uses the same marketing techniques to sell a product as most online network marketeers do, but what's different? For starters, he has an actual project of quality. It's not a recycled eBook slightly modified from a previous version filled with hype and circle talk. His web presentation is on point and aesthetically pleasing. It doesn't look like some 'fly by night' html page tossed up in the early nineties hosted by Geo Cities (No disrespect to Geo-Cities, just making a point. Yay Geo-Cities!Go Geo Go!). There's a fair amount to read but it's engaging and about something interesting. It speaks to a specific niche and most importantly, it's issued by a real person. A person that obviously has a reputation that would be damaged if said product was in fact not up to snuff. (Mind you he's actually accessible. He literally could be snuffed by an unsatisfied customer). His approach comes off super genuine. It's like he's selling you something without trying to well, sell you something. What he's really doing when you think about it, is offering a service. A true service granted is going to out sell most items made available online. My suggestion is, if you don't have anything in particular of your own to sell that's as personal as Danny Rampling's eBook, localize your area of expertise. Offer a service based on what you know best. You may think, since so much information is readily available, 'why would anyone pay me for it?'. It's simple, people will always pay for the service of you doing all the work. Gathering useful information and redistributing it in a very concise, clear cut graspable way. (Cliff Notes will never cease being relevant, will they?) It's really not that hard. Take the time to figure out what you're most comfortable with offering and have the most passion for. Start organizing and make it happen. If you need help, shake the Money Tree.

PS Not only does Danny Rampling offer you a great eBook on becoming a DJ and how to be successful in the entertainment industry, he also provides a number of bonuses (and a 60 day money back guarantee). Bonus items are essential in locking in the sale of your product. If what you furnish is already a sound investment, giving your customer more just tips the scale in your favor. At the end of the day it's about a quality product that will ultimately sell itself.

PPS There's also an audio version of the eBook...

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Success Magazine: Jim Rohn 25 Years Ago

Success Magazine is a great publication dedicated to giving its readers a myriad of beneficial tools towards being successful in business and personal life. A few months ago I picked up a copy of the print version, it came with a bonus audio cd containing a number of informative interviews and a special excerpt from a seminar conducted by Jim Rohn (America's Foremost Business Philosopher), over 25 years ago. Of all the audio on that cd, the track with Jim Rohn stood out most for me, so I'm sharing it with you. Below are a few of the strongest key ideas/statements mentioned during the speak.

  • A major step in human development is discipline.
  • A key to major life changes is self motivation.
  • Good people are not trained, they're found.
  • Find out how things work.
  • Capture ideas in your journal. Don't use your head as a filing cabinet.
  • Study things that can change your economic, social, spiritual and personal life.
  • Be curious.
  • Become a good reader.
  • Be a student, not a follower.
  • Words nourish the mind and soul.
  • Devote 30 minutes a day to reading.
  • Reading is tapping the treasure of ideas.
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We're planting seeds on Twitter.

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There's so much going. Pretty soon we'll have a brand new site with frequent content updates. Get ready for new posts by special guests writers. Contests, prizes, giveaways! Everyday's a party. Live it up!

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Interview With A Skelliewag

Scouring the net for great information to deliver to our subscribers, we recently stumbled upon as seen in an earlier post we mentioned how great of a site it was and posted a link to a pretty informative article posted there. So we thought, wouldn't it be better even to contact the author and request an interview. We did and sure enough Skellie was happy to take some time and toss us a few answers to our questions all the way from Australia.

So who exactly is Skellie and what propelled Skell's to create a site like ?

I'm an Australian blogger who has always been fascinated by creating and promoting web content. I've been doing it for about nine years now. Generally I would start projects and lose interest once they started to become successful. I eventually realized that it was the process of starting and growing these blogs and websites that fascinated me more than the topics I was writing about. So I decided to start a blog about that!

How do you stay motivated, continually providing the pretty in depth content you make available to subscribers.

In the last few months my posting has slowed right down as I devote more time and energy to some other opportunities that have arisen, but I'd say that's due to shifting priorities rather than a lack of motivation. Over the last year I've become much more interested in online business and that's what's taking up a lot of my time at the moment. But even though Skelliewag doesn't generate any income at the moment, I know I will always pick it up again because I can't imagine not writing about those topics. It's very rewarding for me.

What would you say the initial process for starting a new blog for a novice should entail? What are a few essential things a would be professional blogger needs to be aware of?

A few dot-points:
  • Define your target audience before you start. Who are you writing for, exactly, and what do they want?
  • Work out exactly what you want to get out of blogging. If you want to give talks on personal development your content is going to be very different than if you want to get work as a video game reviewer.
  • Your posts should take at least an hour to create if they're over 500 words, at least half an hour if they're over 250. If not, your content isn't going to be valuable enough.
  • Make friends on StumbleUpon and send a few of them your best posts. This is a good way to draw some traffic into your blog initially. Forums and guest-posting are also great for this. Commenting on other blogs is not enough on its own.
When you're not maintaining your web estates online, what is ol' Skell's getting into off line?

I'm a university student so quite a bit of time goes into my studies. The rest of the time I try to spend with other people, either with my family or with friends. That's essential if you work at home and I think it's also important to my happiness.

Where do you see this ever changing web taking us eager net-farming cultivators of digital croppage in the year 2010?

It's kind of hard to say. I do wonder if there'll be some kind of backlash against content that is optimized for social media. Instead of 'Top 10 Ways to Skin a Cat' type posts being popular, I'm wondering if we'll see the ascendancy of some new kind of content that I can't really imagine yet!

Growing Money Trees blog would like to thank Skellie for taking time answer our questions and we most definitely appreciate the valuable insight shared with our audience as a result. Make sure to check out and subscribe to
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