So what am I reading these days? Well, seeing as I’ve put my hand into quite a few ventures, some of which involve me having to know more and more about trends in advertising as they are constantly changing with advances in technology especially when it come to the internet. I pick up a copy of Ad Week or quite simply visit their site. www.adweek.com Hey if you have a business small or large or are considering starting one this is just one of many magazines and online sources that is basically a necessity to have on hand. Countless assessments of business advertising models old and new as well as eye opening informative articles that can make you think twice about what you’re currently doing with your business in terms of advertising and how you may improve upon it.

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You were not abandoned.

Many apologies, for all of you that thought you were abandoned, rest assured you were not. Handling a little business for a stint, but now we are back. SHOW ME THE MONEY!
You were not abandoned.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend