Build a better blog-trap the world will click a path to your door? Part 1

In the last year or so I’ve become considerably involved with blogging. I’ve realized the potential for many things through this form of communication. If promoted properly, you can reach a massive amount of folks from all over the globe, many of which you’d otherwise never ever possibly meet. You’d be surprise how many people actually feel the same way you do about things or have similar interest in topics you surely didn’t expect anyone else to be interested in. Regardless of what you’re into, the networking capabilities online and through the use of blogs are amazing.

So what do you blog about? Well, just like they always say when one wants to be a writer. Write what you know. How simple is that? Sometimes it’s not so simple, but anything can be done. I suggest you not make it work for yourself. As long as you enjoy what you do, the process becomes pretty seamless as far as I’ve experienced it. Write the way you speak and be honest. Contrived prose can be easily recognized by your reader and not appreciated. You want to get your message across most importantly. Ernest Hemmingway is looked upon as one of the greatest American authors that ever touched a typewriter key. He wrote short precise sentences and every one wasn’t filled with words you’d be embarrassed not to know the definition of. Besides, it’s not always the words that you use, but more so the manner in which you use the words you choose to use. All in all, you want to get your point across with the least amount of difficulty. You want to inform your audience. The more you write, the more confident you will become with your writing. If you’re not too sure about going live with some of your pieces have a friend that will give you a serious critique check it out. If you really want to get an unbiased opinion, you may want to have them read what you wrote with the idea that it is something that you stumbled upon while surfing and you’d like to share it with them and discuss. This method is a great way to get honest feedback.
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An Intro...

I created this blog to list various ways individuals can make a few extra coins that they otherwise would never see by quite simply taking advantage of the many valuable resources that are online.

Seems like people give the internet a seriously bad wrap. Too much pornographic material. Pop-ups. Spam. Viruses that take over your comp. But the truth is, like with everything else in life it's more so about what you actually do and how you find the good and beneficial things out there that exist. So straight off I'd like to say for anyone reading this who's nature is one of complaining and or finding the wrongs in everything with no real thought of personal advancement, go ahead and close this window. This is not for you. As for the rest of you guys that want to be enlightened on ways you can make a few dollars online with a little work and research come right on in and get equipped with some new knowledge on what you can do. I must say that we'll all be learning together. No, I'm not some millionaire, or some marketing genius that's retired and sits online making money off of desperate folks that want to be rich. I'm just like you the reader that quite possibly lives in a city where the cost of living is unbearable and making ends meet seems utterly impossible. Hey you know what, perhaps not. Maybe you're just fine but want to be a little bit more better off and refuse to settle with your financial situation. Regardless, this blog will be something you can use as a building block to get there. Hey, and since this is about sharing information for the betterment of ourselves, please email me conscious[at] with information that will benefit our readers. With all that said, 'Let's Plant Some Seeds And Start Cultivating These Money Trees'!
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