Cha Cha.. What the heck is that ?

Well Cha Cha quite simply is a new search engine that is manned by human beings. Huh? With the Cha Cha system you have the choice of having a live guide help you with your search online or doing one search engine assisted. At first, I was a bit leary as the program was fairly new and it had a lot of bugs but over the last fews weeks the service has become gradually more sturdy and it is honestly quite useful. Just imagine, instead of doing a search and getting results based on the popularity of a site in SEO terms. (SEO is web language for supped up pages that end up with the highest page ranks on search engines, namely Google because the creator of the page manipulates them in a fashion that is virtual eye candy for web crawlers. Yeah so a lot of the times you search you don't find what you really want. Isn't it always better when a friend or colleague puts you up on a cool site that they have personally visited anyway? In the long run it works out much better to have some actual human input for certain things online.

Cha Cha also is a way for people that are looking for work that can be done at home. Online there are countless ads about telecommuting jobs and data entry positions that never pan out because they are scams. Cha Cha just happens to be a legitimate way to make a bit of income doing something you'd normally be doing for free to begin with. With reviews in Wired, CNET, ABC News and a number of reputable sources, Cha Cha looks to be a good deal.

Try it out and do a search for yourself or if you feel so inclined, become a guide and aide net surfers from all over the world with their searches based on your knowledge of all things you deem worthy of being known.
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