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I'm usually a skeptic about turnkey drop ship Web store opportunities. The ones I've seen in the past have either charged a high monthly maintenance fee, or sold shoddy merchandise. But I ran across one last week at the virtual eComXpo that may be different - Shopster.com. First, there is no set-up fee or monthly fee if you join before April 30, 2006. (There will be monthly fees for those who join later.) Next, the merchandise appears to be of good quality. I have not purchased any myself, but name brands like Pioneer, Play Station, Dolce & Gabbana and others are listed.

Here's how is works: you sign up and create a store using Shopster, and select items from the Shopster "virtual warehouse." For most products, you can choose the selling price. Shopster handles product fulfillment, inventory, customer service, E-commerce store set-up and merchant account. For this, Shopster keeps 3.5% of your profit (about what you'd pay in credit card fees anyway).

Do I guarantee you'll make money with this? Of course not. But with the free introductory offer, there is little or nothing to lose.

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